Vatican City Ranks As World’s Top Wine Consumption City

It is a known fact in recent years that more wine is consumed per person in the Vatican City than in any other country in the world, according to the latest figures from the Wine Institute. Residents of the Vatican consume roughly 105 bottles annually. This is nearly 200% more than the average person in France or Italy, and triple the quantity consumed in the UK.

This is an excerpt from The Independent, online Magazine of the United Kingdom:

As well as the occupational hazard of being required to take ceremonial Communion wine, the National Catholic Reporter said Vatican residents are more likely to be old, male, highly educated and eat in larger groups – all factors that can contribute to greater wine consumption.
These aspects of the Vatican’s national character are more likely to put it at the top than simply its size alone – though other so-called microstates also featured prominently in the Wine Institute’s list.

The fact that it only has a population of around 800 people does make it easy for per-capita figures to be distorted by outlying groups, however – and in the Vatican there is reportedly a single supermarket supplying everyone with wine almost completely tax-free.

Climate Change Impacts World Wineries

There’s been plenty of talk about global warming and how it will continue to change the world as we know it, especially how our beaches will continue to shrink with the onslaught of melting polar ice caps. Thousands of plant and animal species are getting added to the threatened and endangered lists every year and skin cancer is becoming a top ranked medical condition. However, closer to home in the wine world, we are also seeing some pretty evident, irreversible changes as well. The latest studies regarding environmental impacts indicate that wine growing regions today will decline in productivity and overall quality as new, unlikely regions will begin to generate grapes that would be suitable for wine production. In addition, the new species of plants would likely become invasive to indigenous ecosystems and therefore have a short-term impact on native plants in the specific region.

Studies show that current areas suitable for wine grape growing will decrease more than 70% in various regions of the world by 2050. It is evident that grape growing regions will start to creep further north and in higher elevations. It is possible that with these new regions, will be an evolution of new wine varietals, which may not necessarily be a bad thing, even though wine grapes are particularly sensitive to climate. However, despite all the gloomy news, as with the majority of global ecological impacts, the same overall response applies in that if we all act together and work on solutions now, the future will not be as gloomy, at least for wine growers.

Bella Giornata Tours

octnewsletterpicBella Giornata Tours has linked up with Pacific Northwest Wine Club and is promoting their wine tour agenda for 2013. Below you will find the featured tours they are offering. Please visit their site for more details


Spring/Early Summer 2013:  Girlfriends on the Go
A wonderful week with five of your best girlfriends.  You get a discount for gathering the girlfriends and I do the rest!  Sightseeing, shopping, wine tasting, fine dining, shopping….and did I mention wine tasting?  Time in Rome with fabulous day trips from the city and a couple of nights in the countryside.  This tour has it all.  Grab the girls and let’s go!


Fall 2013:  Rome, Lower Tuscany and Umbria
Ten days of fabulous Italy.  Time to take in the major Roman sights, then a few nights in Tuscany and a few nights in Umbria.  Visit wonderful wineries as well as an olive oil mill, and see ceramics in production.  Fascinating walking tours of historic hill towns are combined with delicious wine tastings, shopping and the beauty of the Italian countryside.  Some surprises as well!


Fall 2013: Rome and Umbria
A shortened version of last year’s fabulous tour encompassing Roman history and Umbrian charm for those of you who can’t spare a full ten days.  Interesting and informative walking tours of Rome and countryside hill towns, with fun stops in between.  All that walking builds an appetite and there’s no better way to satisfy it than with the hearty fare of Umbria.  Combine all that delicious food with some seriously amazing wines and you will come away fully satisfied.


Don’t see a tour with the right dates or itinerary for you?
Contact us!  We have other dates available and are willing to write an itinerary just for you and your group.   We look forward to sharing a Bella Giornata in Italy!

Pacific Northwest Wine Club May Newsletter

It’s a great time to get out to the vineyards…
As the wineries welcome in spring, they also welcome you to their tasting rooms and vineyards, to experience first hand their craft.

May is traditionally the month when most wineries throughout the country dust off their patios, and schedule many unique events. For most small or boutique wineries, Memorial Day weekend may be your only chance to visit their properties.

Wine tasting excursions are easy to plan, with or without the help of a touring company. Most regions that include a dozen or more wineries will have just as many companies that are willing to put together tours for groups large and small. But you can also have a great day wine tasting on your own by picking a starting point and then asking for a recommendation at each new place that you visit. Bring a small picnic lunch and snacks, a designated driver and you are sure to enjoy all that spring wine tasting has to offer! Click here to find out more about the featured wines of the Pacific Northwest.

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